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Konnichiwa’s identity was based upon providing a premium and authentic fusion of Indo-Japanese cuisine catered to millennials who love experimenting. Hence the brief focused on finding a playful and refreshing balance between India as well as Japan and not centering the language towards either one of them. The client wanted the brand’s visual identity and the packaging to reflect the same idea of such a warm and fun environment. As a result, the logo was reworked upon, the brand identity, packaging collaterals, and social media were created as our primary goals to exhibit these values.

Team- Shreya Dhar & Raageshwari…

Team Introduction and Goals

This is a short story of how a group of six Graphic design learners ( Shreya, Joel, Janhavi, Janaki, Khadija and Navya) came together virtually to work on an Icon Redesign project — the good, the bad and the ugly….the year 2020. This course was mentored by Nikita Kanade, Founder & CEO of Viniage Design.

The team

We started this project by setting some expectations and goals to define our path which helped us understand exactly what we were delving into.

Some were attainable,

  • To develop a basic understanding of the functionalities of icons in various…


To design a promotional campaign for a product that comes under commercial communication


Raageshwari Kandaswamy|Sindhura Padakandla|Soha Thakar|Simleen Virdi|Shreya Dhar

1. Topic Research & Scenario Study

About our brand PraanaPoorna

PraanaPoorna is an organic brand that started with the only motive of selling clean natural household cleaners. Its cleaners replace all chemical cleaners and are made with locally available raw materials. It is biodegradable as the process waste is compostable and the wash water usage can be significantly reduced with its use.

Why PraanaPoorna?

We chose Praanapoorna because it's organic and eco-friendly as compared to other cleaners in the market which are harmful to…

It was around the time of Diwali, the festival of lights. Listening to her daily playlist of retro 90s songs in her car, Nikita reminisced how she used to be. A little ambitious girl loitering around her house, flying paper rockets and pestering her mom.’I want to be an astronaut ‘ she said.

At last, this time of the year she experienced mixed emotions, sad because she won’t be home this Diwali but glad because she was going to achieve her goal. …

Amidst all the frowns and lowered expectations of people

Who had thought if I ever write again

It would be about the reasons I don’t,

the beautiful metaphors that I would’ve beaded in my words

to justify my incapability to write or to form beautiful sentences anymore,

Here I write again

because while I was bathing today it struck me,

few would write it for her

for the city, I love, to reassure myself,

Despite everything, it is still not despised by all

The old dingy, ill little heart of India,


The gas chamber, the rape capital

the city…

Recently I came across some people posting about an incident that wasn’t even an inch closer to the term feminism yet the term was being discussed and torn apart during the entire process of resharing. That made me feel some things and hence I wrote about what it shouldn’t be perceived as. Do give it a read!

Feminism was a movement started out by the oppressed. It is NOT a physiological trait that only women are capable of possessing. …

Shreya Dhar

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